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The 9 fastest growing companies in america When it comes to growth, investors can never get enough. That why investors are paying attention to the nine companies in the standard poor 500, including computer chipmaker avago technologies(Avgo), no.1 social network firm Facebook(Fb)And accessories designer michael Kors(Kors)That are growing the fastest and appear to have the momentum to keep growth going, according to a usa today analysis of data from s capital iq. These are the only s 500 companies that boosted revenue by an impressive 25% or greater in calendar 2014, and are expected to do it again this year.After all, investors don care if you had a hot year they want to know you can do it again. Revenue growth is increasingly important to investors as most big companies have done everything in their power to squeeze costs out.Plus, now that companies costs have been cut, more of the michael kors outlet uk revenue coming in the door will flow to the bottom line. And that what makes these high growth companies so special.On average, the 9 companies reported 43% revenue growth in 2014 and are expected to grow by another 35% in 2015.That much michael kors satchels at dillards faster growth that at the average s 500 company, where revenue grew 7.5% and is expected to creep up another 2.6% this year. When it comes to revenue growth, few companies can touch avago.The company revenue during the calendar 2014 year soared 96% to more than $5 billion.Much of that growth was due to several acquisitions made by the company, including lsi and plx technology.And coming off that year, analysts are expecting the company revenue to another 60% this year to hit $6.8 billion.And who knows?Maybe the company will grow even faster than that after all, it beaten revenue forecasts in four of the past five quarters. Facebook continues to be the faceman of corporate growth.You think a company with $12.5 billion in revenue in 2014 up 58% would have a tough time putting up such big numbers.But analysts are calling for the company to boost revenue again in 2015, by 37%, to $17.1 billion.True, that a deceleration from the revenue growth in 2014, but still, that growth that many companies would crave. Below is a chart showing all nine of the fast growing michael kors shoulder bags tonne companies expected to keep the growth alive: S 500 companies that posted 25% or greater revenue growth in 2014 and are expected to do it again in 2015 Sources:S capital iq, usa today research Investors know that it the future that matters most.And that why the companies mentioned above are important to watch.But it fun to look at some big numbers, too, even if they not likely to be repeated. Several of the companies that put up the biggest percentage gains of revenue growth in 2014 aren expected to break the 25% growth level in 2015, including biotech gilead sciences(Gild)And trading marketplace intercontinental exchange(Ice).

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