The biggest gift that someone can give is the gift of life, and, following that, health. Without health we cannot enjoy being alive.

When someone we love dies, we feel an immeasurable pain. However, we can lessen the tragedy of someone’s passing when we know that part of him or her has been left behind—not with us, but within another person, giving that person a chance at life.

Donating can help us achieve the act of supreme love: giving to our fellow man. It is through this that our loved one can produce the hope of a better tomorrow, for other people who cannot fully enjoy the gift of life because they are not healthy.

Donating will help turn the sadness of death into a positive emotion and will help us participate in giving hope in life, perhaps somewhere where there was no hope before. We are happier giving than receiving, so what bigger merit is there than to give part of oneself or part of a loved one to give life to another person? Life is giving and receiving, everything that we do with generosity, happiness and love, we will receive back in hundredfold.

The decision to donate is a very personal one, but it comes from an awareness of the greater good. Have you ever really realized how incredible the human body is? I have! Do you know why?

It’s very simple. Consider this situation: if you die for whatever reason, donating organs or tissues, those organs or tissues will still be ALIVE! Your organs and tissues will respond perfectly well when they are donated to a compatible recipient.

Isn’t that fascinating? LIFE after LIFE! You will, practically, continue living. If we all decided to donate, there would be more stars of hope in the sky for many of our loved ones. Think about it, analyze it, and discuss it with your family.

And remember, it’s better to give than to receive…