If you have decided to donate your organs, you should tell your family, and ask them to respect your decision in the case of a situation in which you could be a possible donor. In addition to telling your family and friends, you may also fill out and sign an ID card that shows that you are a donor.

You can also make your wish formal, and approved by an attorney, in a written document that would express your wishes about what should be done by your family members. However, if your family members don’t authorize the donation, it may still not be undertaken.

Unfortunately, in our country we often can’t get a consensus agreement, because it’s rare that their family members have agreed to donate the organs of their loved ones who pass away.

We recommend that you speak with your family sincerely and at length about this topic, so that they understand the significance and importance of respecting your wishes.

In conclusion, the only way to donate your organs is that your family members and friends are aware of and accept our decision to donate; but most importantly, that they recognize that with this act of love—donation—we can save lives.

This is an act of love that I, PERSONALLY, received from a person that I didn’t know. And it’s this act that saved my life…not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually…thanks to the LOVE of a stranger.

I’ll leave you with this question: If you were a person who needed an organ transplant, and it would save you….

Would you like to have at least a chance at life?


Information for sponsors

The project “Fundanier Sponsors” is based on a monthly debit, which goes to help children with kidney failure in Roosevelt Hospital in Guatemala.

Every month we’ll debit the agreed amount from your account. (The minimum donation is Q100.00)

  1. Download the form for sponsors
  2. Fill it out with the necessary information
  3. Send it to: vivi.derodas@fundanier.org.gt or tell us where we can pick it up

You may also make donations to the bank account at Bantrab, to the account No. 101-020832-8, in the name of Fundanier.