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Friends, I’ll share my next adventure with you! I’m going to Ecuador, a country that has exquisite landscapes, friendly people and three spectacular mountains: Cayambe (5,790 mamsl), Cotopaxi (5,911 mamsl) and Chimborazo (6,310 mamsl). First, I’ll ascend a small peak called Pichincha, and then Cayambe where I’ll review knots and the techniques for climbingRead More



Switzerland 4,164 meters Located in the Alps, this peak is almost completely covered with glaciers. Climbers who are less experienced run a grave risk when the weather changes, but more intrepid climbers can summit if they dare.



Italy 4,092 meters Along with Castor, this mountain is named in honor of the Gemini brothers, who were heroes of Roman myth. There are several climbing routes, some of them moderate or easy, and there’s even a cable car. But daring climbers take the long way around and end up in Giorgio Rossi camp.



Italia 4,228 meters Named after one of the Gemini brothers, this peak is similar to the colossal Pollux and Monte Rosa. Climbs on Castor usually begin in Italy and go over Verra glacier, but the routes also reach Swiss soil.



Switzerland 4,158 meters This colossal mountain is the highest peak of the massif of the same name. About 200 years ago, it was nearly impossible to climb it. Now, the mountain offers access via a cog railway. From here you can reach an interpretative center and the Sphinx Observatory, which offers panoramic views.

Le Mönch


Switzerland 4,107 meters The Mönch is one of the three tallest peaks of the Junfrau massif, the others being Eiger and Jungfrau peaks. The three peaks are a must-climb destination for lovers of alpinism. The railway passes just on the skirts of this marvel of geography.

Mont Blanc


France 4,810 meters This is none other than the tallest peak found anywhere in the Alps, or, in fact, in the European Union. It is distinguished as being the 11th most prominent mountain in the world, topographically. It is a popular destination for climbing, skiing and snowboarding.

Gran Paradiso


Italy 4,061 meters Considered the highest peak in Italy, since 1856 this mountain has been designated a national park. Its terrain is extremely rocky, and because of this only very experienced mountaineers should attempt to scale it.



Mexico 5,230 meters The peculiar outlines of this mountain suggest the figure of a reclining woman, so the locals nearby call this mountain “White Woman” in the Nahuatl language. Several volcanic tuffs and flows mark the origin of this volcano through the years after the last Ice Age. Without doubt, this is a legendaryRead More



Guatemala 3,760 meters This inactive colossus is located next to enigmatic Antigua Guatemala. A lahar coming from the slopes caused the destruction of Ciudad Vieja, the original capital of Guatemala, and the later move to the Ciudad de Santiago de los Caballeros. Because of this, and the memory of this infamous landslide, the localRead More



Guatemala 3,763 meters This stratovolcano is remarkable for its constant activity. Many of its most devastating eruptions date from the colonial period in Guatemala. The constant eruptions of ash and smoke have caused evacuations and warning alarms in the surrounding areas.



Chimaltenango, Guatemala 3,976 meters The volcano Acatenango is the third highest peak in Guatemala. In the winter season (October-February) it sometimes frosts. With the volcano Fuego it makes up the Horqueta complex; this colossal stratovolcano has two peaks, the Pico Mayor and Yepocapa, because of landslides that collapsed the original crater. The surrounding terrainRead More


I was born to and grew up in a typical family, with brothers and both parents. The story of my life was not much different from my friends’ stories growing up. I made mistakes, like all people, but I learned many things from those mistakes, along with the normal punches that life throws atRead More