Marta Azmitia


Marta Azmitia 1. We’ll begin with your career. How was your experience of serving in Congress? I never served in Congress. I am a Real Estate broker and my connection to Congress is through the Act for the Disposal and Transplant of Organs and Tissues 2. How did Donaré come about? My daughter diedRead More

Héctor Fión: Survivor


Héctor Fión is another survivor of kidney failure. His fight has been arduous, but highly repaid. He was diagnosed with diabetes as an adolescent, and Héctor had to confront many difficulties before he accepted his illness. In his 20s, he received a diagnosis of kidney failure which completely changed his perspective on life. AfterRead More


I was born to and grew up in a typical family, with brothers and both parents. The story of my life was not much different from my friends’ stories growing up. I made mistakes, like all people, but I learned many things from those mistakes, along with the normal punches that life throws atRead More