Welcome to the website of Climbing for Renal Health. So far, my life has brought me through many extreme experiences which in turn have defined my personality: I am an extreme person who enjoys doing everything to the limit.

I have always wanted to help others, as I’m doing through this initiative, and life has shown me the way to do that. A kidney condition changed how I lived my life, and now I only want to share with you the passion that I have for living, helping and climbing. When you have kidney disease it can seem that you are swimming against the current. This is unquestionably difficult, but while I was “swimming” I realized that many things become clear, many things began to make sense, and finally, I decided to help myself.

Climbing for Renal Health has two goals. The first is to break the world record for climbing for someone who has had a kidney transplant. Doing this will spread awareness about the foundation and the importance of funding and otherwise helping our cause. The second goal is to collect the necessary funds to help children who have kidney disease and are waiting for a transplant. I want to offer them better life chances through medical grants.

I will share my adventures with you, in hopes that you will take a moment—and a little of your own resources—and help me climb. Climbing can’t be stopped, just like you can’t stop someone from living. So, celebrate life, live to the max and climb with me…climb with a mission for renal health. For every expedition we will seek sponsors who will help us build up and maintain the funds that allow us to give medical grants to children.