Meet the specialists who have assisted me in my fight to the summit.

Luis Rosito: Physical Trainer

Licensed in psychology from the University of San Carlos in Guatemala, Luis has a postgraduate degree in sport from Vasil Levski University. He was a member of the Scientific Commission of the International Weightlifting Federation. Now, he works as a docent at the University of San Carlos and Mariano Galvez University. He has a doctorate in Pedagogical Science in Sport from the University of Sofia, Bulgaria.

Octavio Salazar: Doctor and Psychiatrist

A physician who graduated from the University of San Carlos, Guatemala, Dr. Salazar completed his specialization in the Friar Bernardino Alvarez Psychiatric Hospital at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He also specialized as a child psychologist at the Dr. Juan N. Navarro Hospital of Child Psychology. He worked as a specialist physician, the head of services and the director of the Center of Comprehensive Mental Health Care at IGSS. He’s also collaborated as a professor and department head at several universities. Currently, he’s working in private practice.

Frances Korosi-Davis: Registered Nurse at Tulane Medical Center

Korosi-Davis has more than seven years’ experience working with transplant patients as a registered nurse. Now, she is my point of contact for my treatments at Tulane Medical Center. She acted as the transplant coordinator for my case.